‘War On Everyone’ To Debut At Sundance Film Festival?

War on Everyone may debut at the Sundance Film Festival next year.

Michael Pena, one of the stars of the upcoming black-action comedy following two corrupt cops, recently hinted that American audiences may see the film at the esteemed event this January.

“War on Everyone, I think… the script was hilarious to me, but it’s very dark, dark humor,” explained Pena in an interview with MovieWeb.”It’s super dark. It’s (director) John Michael McDonagh and I think we’re going to hit Sundance in January. I can’t wait for that one too. I’m super lucky.”

Could this news mean that the gritty feature will debut in front of American audiences sooner than expected(Please say yes!)?

War On Everyone began filming in New Mexico in April.

It appears that the cameras have stopped rolling on the set since the final shooting days were last month, according to their Facebook.

The film spotlights two corrupt and rule-breaking cops who, well, “declare war” with several criminals.

If  War On Everyone does  make its debut at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, then Pena and McDonagh probably believe the film has a fighting chance. Since Sundance is known to have a selective and tough screening process for each film, earning a festival debut means a director most likely has a fantastic independent project, potential breakout or otherwise amazing narrative.


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