Watch: Theo James Says Sex Scenes With A Friend Can Get Awkward

Insurgent” stars Theo James and Shailene Woodley sat down with Entertainment Tonight Canada to talk about their rise to fame and what it’s really like to shoot sex scenes.

Shailene says fame hasn’t changed her, “My life has definitely changed in the sense that it’s much busier, but apart from that, nothing else has shifted because my lifestyle is still the same.”

Theo agrees but says some precautions must be taken, “I mean there are certain things I would probably avoid doing, like running into a high school particularly.”

There’s also that love scene which Theo says can be a bit awkward, “You know, as soon as you’re friends with someone then you’re kind of joking about it. It almost gets kind of awkward. It’s like, ‘Oh this is so funny but we’re going to pretend to f**k.'”

Check out the video above!