WATCH: Tris & Four Kiss In The New Allegiant Clip and a New Still of Tris & Christina 

Entertainment Weekly received an exclusive clip with Four (Theo James) and Tris (Shailene Woodley) kissing.

As you can see in this exclusive clip, we get a nice call-back to the first film and the Ferris wheel scene where the two share their first electric moment. Like in that first film, the two look out to a place where they’ve never ventured and as in Divergent, it’s Tris who is steadying Four’s nerves.

The Official Divergent Twitter revealed that tickets for Allegiant go on sale March 1.

And the #DivergentFandom App is doing a #PledgeAllegiant count down with a exclusive photo every day on the app until March 18th. Here is the first still of Tris and Christina in Allegiant.

Initiates and THEOlogians it’s been a really good day!! What do you think of the new clip and still? Leave us a comment