Today is #AllegiantDay! Let’s Talk ‘Allegiant’ and Win! (Giveaway)

Today marks the beginning of Allegiant filming and a bunch of fansites (including yours truly) thought it would be fun to get together and celebrate this milestone by sharing our favorite Allegiant scenes and/or quotes that we are looking forward to seeing in the film. As a bonus, we are also hosting a massive giveaway for all initiates who would like to play along. Check out in the comments what are favorites are and let us know yours in the comments.



Johanna (JJ)’s Favorites



Caleb may be one of the least liked characters in the series, but he is Tris’ brother, and Tobias sees that. When Caleb is apprehended after the Factionless overtake the Erudite Headquarters, Tris is painfully aware that her brother had just betrayed her. Giving her up to the Erudite to experiment on her and torture her until she can no longer take it. However, Tris is not a fan of “faction before blood” and she continues to love and care for her misguided brother. She asks Tobias to help her set him free, and that is exactly what he does. Tobias knows that breaking Caleb out and escaping outside the fence will severely sever ties with his mother, but he doesn’t care. Why? Because he loves Tris and that’s what good boyfriends do, they stand by their woman.



allegiant ohare airport

Chicago’s O’Hare Airport

One of my favorite scenes in the book is when Tris, Tobias and the group find themselves outside the fence and are taken by the Bureau of Genetic Welfare to their headquarters, which happen to be Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. I’m really looking forward to seeing how they will bring that to life. Will it be a lot of CGI and an indoor studio with a green screen? Or will they use a smaller airport and just CGI the outside to make it look like O’Hare. Guess we’ll find out once Allegiant Part 1 (or maybe Part 2) hits theatres.

Mel’s Favorites


Allegiant Part 1 has begun filming!  There are a few scenes that are my favorites that I really hope make it into the film.  The biggest one (at least from the first part of the book) is probably Tris and Tobias’ date. Early in the book, they meet up and climb a structure together which is reminiscent of climbing the ferris wheel and Tris even comments to that effect. Tobias brings along drinks and wants to hash out their issues.  “Would you like a clear head or a fuzzy one?”  He also brings a blanket and after making up, we get some swoon-worthy FourTris moments!

Now it’s time for the Givewaway! Here’s all the stuff we are giving away:



EDIT: Lionsgate/@Divergent has just very graciously offered to add even more awesome prizes to the giveaway!! Here’s what they’re adding to the pot:

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